Abundance Without Ecocide: The Kogi & Hopi Come Together To Share A Message


Sunday, July 12, 2015
Sun, 07/12/2015 - 5:00pm to 9:00pm

Abundance Without Ecocide is a Principal-based philosophy for moving forward with our existence on Earth in a more Conscious and Compassionate way. More Love and Compassion for Each Other. More Love and Compassion for All Life. More Love and Compassion for Mother Earth herself, after all She is Alive and feels just as you and I are alive and feel. Think about this. Abundance Without Ecocide brings a modern voice to calls from the Earth and the many Indigenous Peoples who maintain a deep loving relationship with her.

Become inspired by the message of the Kogi, whom many would consider a “lost tribe” from the highest coastal mountain range in the world in Colombia, South America. They believe and very eloquently communicate their message that Mother Earth is Alive and that we are literally killing her with negligence, abuse and destructive practices, while there are very real viable options which would still allow us to Live Abundantly and still have all the things we need and want Without Destroying the Earth and jeopardizing all of life, which is our current Global path.


Kogi Mama Luis Nuavita – Spiritual Leader Visiting from Colombia South America
Mama Luis (pronounced Mamo) is Son of the sun, traditional authority of Tungueka and The Sierra nevada de Santa marta, a River seeder and interbridger of sacred places, a town seeder, Time keeper, Danta Guardian,(Sacred animal form the Amazon), and guradian of the Jaguar, a recuperator of the sacred sites, a caller of the rain, a knower of sacred objects, master and founder of the towns: Naranjal, teyumake, Baraguera and Tayku

Kogi Jorge Luis Dib – Visiting from Colombia South America
Director of Jumeleishi mission, Recuperator of natural spaces, socially and culturally. A seeder of rivers, along with Mama Luis and other traditional Kogis authorities, Jorge has helped recuperate the first City of original or indigenoues people in La Sierra. Interconnector of apparent opposites. Messenger and keeper of Time. Visionary of Vital Santa Marta Plan (Hummingbird Spirit) for the continuation of Life on our Earth. Jorge works in agreement with Social, Public, Private and Religious organizations as well as with the Spiritual Fathers and Mothers of Nature.

Ruben Saufkie Sr. – Visiting from Hopi
From Ruben: I am from the Water Clan of the Hopi People of Arizona. A Messenger of H2OPI, Sharing Peace through Water. My own personal recovery has helped me to encourage as many people to find the Compassion toward Forgiveness to awaken their Hearts. This the way to living in Balance, Harmony, and Unity which leads to Peace and Being Hopi. No matter how challenging life becomes we must not lose Faith within ourselves because Creator will not give up on us. We must do our very best to live by Creators Law which is very simple, take care of the Land and it will take of you. This is what we share when we do the Eagle dance. We depend on the Eagles strength to carry our prayers from our Hearts to the Creator and the Universe for all Beings to Live in Oneness once again. May Peace Prevail within and throughout the World and Universe. Kwak-Leah, H2OPI



Please be as generous as possible.  These funds go back to help with the needs of the Kogi people.