Cosmic Medicines of the Solar Societies of Peru: A Vibrational Workshop & Drum Journey with Apu Pachatusan


Sun, 12/20/2015 - 10:00am to 1:00pm

The Ancient masters saw sound as an integrative factor of all life. The key to unlock the mysteries of the universe is sound.  

Sound is the essence from which our universe arises. Today's science  is just beginning to prove that when we apply certain sound to an object or to an organism we can change its condition for better or worse. Everything comes from the sound.  No one can deny the miraculous cures obtained by prayers, chanting, ceremonies and other forms of sound therapy. This workshop will begin with a cleansing ceremony, consciously creating space for all that is new. Through a guided visionary experience we’ll begin to sense the great potential opening to each of us at this time. The workshop will include vibrational sound healing ceremonies with drums and a variety of handmade flutes. These special instruments help you sink deep into your roots letting Mother Earth rebalance your energy system to move into new and more receptive frequencies.

The  Ayni Pukara which are the ancient ceremonies that were purposefully made to give back to Mother Nature with the intention of balancing  the body, mind , emotions , and spirit ,  and more importantly to give back to mother earth for all of the elements that she provides us with. For this closing ceremony we ask that each participant of the seminar brings a sacred object and a flower .

Apu Pachatusan
Apu Pachatusan is a cultural group from Peru, whose purpose is to keep the ancient ways alive and to heal the heart and mind of modern society through sacred sound. The group is led by Wachan Bajiyoperak, a third generation Paco Inca medicine man from a long line of medicine people born and raised in the highlands of Peru. He is an herbalist and ceremonial facilitator . Wachan is a skilled sound therapist and healer as well as a gifted traditional instrument builder. His father taught him ancient rituals and ceremonies to connect with the source of life (God). He has a deep connection with Mother Nature, Pachamama.


Fee:  $75.00


You are welcome to stay on the Land in personal reflection time in the afternoon after the workshop as we prepare for the Solstice Spiral of Lights and Celebration.  If you plan to stay the night, make your reservations with Diana at 805-646-8343, ext. 123.  Please bring your own food.