Council I: A 2-day Introduction to Council in Los Angeles


Experience the age-old practice of Council and learn ways to use it to enrich all your relationships: couples, families, schools, businesses, communities ...

Council is a compelling communication method that cultivates empathic listening and heartfelt dialogue. Practiced around the world in communities, organizations and educational settings (including more than 50 public and private LA-area schools), Council helps to nurture the deep, authentic connections often neglected in our ever-faster, multi-tasking culture.

This weekend workshop offers an introduction to and grounding in Council practice, guided by two experienced trainers from The Ojai Foundation, and will be held at beautiful Temescal Gateway Park, in Pacific Palisades.

The fee is $300 - $200, on a sliding scale, based on need.  We set forth no criteria and trust that each individual will pay as much as they feel they can toward the full amount, as their situation allows. Participants are asked to bring their lunch.



Workshop Trainer(s):