Deep Dive


Tue, 01/17/2017 - 2:45pm to Fri, 02/03/2017 - 2:45pm


The Ojai Foundation (TOF) is committed to providing the most relevant responses to the changing needs of our times and recognizes that there are many communities and organizations deeply in the questions of what is essential, now. Join us in this multi-faceted, co-created  immersion experience that bears witness to the present reality and explores our collaborative future.

Deep Dive

January 18 – February 1, 2017

remembering • restoring • reimagining

Deepening Relationships with self, each other and the natural world

Bringing people together in ceremony, connection and creation

Living Council, on the land, in community, in service

Cultivating partnerships, strengthening networks

Dreaming in the new, honoring legacy

Watering the taproot

Beginning Again


Purpose: To co-create an immersion experience that honors the legacy and history of The Ojai Foundation (TOF), bears witness to the present reality, is nourishing for participants, and explores and experiments with possible collaborations, educational programs and community.

Intention: This deep dive is intended to support TOF in the transition from a retreat center to an educational sanctuary where people engage the practices and wisdom needed in our changing world and times, and renew and strengthen networks of intersecting communities.

Form: Retreat/Immersion, plus public and internal events for staff, partners and collaborators. Public Events: Dynamic Governance; Cross-Cultural Collaboration & Listening Summit.

Intended Outcomes: Deepening partnerships with organizations and collaborators; Evolving vision and practice of land-based community and programming; Strengthening networks of centers and collaborators; Increasing TOF capacity to serve diverse populations

Leadership: TOF staff, board, elders and advisors will host and guide the immersion.

Participants: Up to 20 invited immersion participants each week for two weeks, plus others through public and internal events. We are looking for 8-12 core participants that will be present for the duration.

Dates: Week I: Jan 18-25; Week II: Jan 25-Feb 1





Event Summary

The Ojai Foundation (TOF) is committed to providing the most relevant responses to the changing needs of our times, and recognizes that there are many communities and organizations deeply in the questions of what is essential, now. TOF is inviting key collaborators into a mutual exploration of these questions. At present, TOF is in a process of renewing and reimagining its organizational and community structure and approach, moving from a retreat center model with a myriad of short programs and group rentals, to a community-based education center offering a variety of in-depth courses and longer programs in service to the organizational mission and vision. This vision also includes artists, elders and teachers in residence living alongside and with the land-based staff and community, as well as contributing to educational initiatives and programs. The current intention is to launch a new model by the end of 2017. As part of this process, TOF is taking a Deep Dive in the month of January to co-create a shared, lived experience in which current and emerging leadership and partners engage in day-to-day projects, as well as in a collaborative, emergent visioning process...together being and building a bridge to what is calling us forward. Invited participants include current staff, board, elders, funders, advisors, collaborators and potential future team members and partners. These weeks are intended as a time of connection and shared practice, as well as renewal, remembering, restoring, and reimagining through an immersive, residential intensive and retreat. Together participants will live in community, engage the practice of living council, and listen for the unique confluence that is emergent at this time. This is one step toward the call for a renewed land-based team and community of practice, the renewal of the network of intersecting communities, and the evolution of the artists, teachers and elders in residence program. The intention is to co-create an experience that embodies the future offerings, bears witness to the present reality, is nourishing for the current participants, and honors the legacy and history of The Ojai Foundation. Participants are invited to participate in one or two weeks of the immersion.


Who is Coming?
TOF is inviting key partners, advisors, sister communities and allies of all kinds to come and be part of this experiment. We are looking for people who might both have something to offer and something to receive through participating in this deep dive. We are inviting up to 20 participants for each week, and are looking for 8-12 participants that will be present for the duration of the immersion and might help in supporting the process in various ways.

Immersion Leadership
TOF staff, board, elders and advisors will host and guide this immersion. Sharon Shay Sloan is the point person and convener.

Volunteer Service
All will be asked to help tend the home fire. And, we are looking for up to three people to take additional responsibility for kitchen coordination, beauty way and other tasks. Please contact Katie by emailing if you are interested.

Schedule & Commitment
Participants are asked to treat this time as an immersive retreat, and thus to be present for the entire week(s) of participation. As said, for volunteers and core team members, there are two additional days of prep and completion on either end of the immersion. Though we will have a plan for the time, we will follow emergent opportunities, and thus will not adhere to a strict schedule. With that, we are not able to accommodate special scheduling needs. Participants should be committed to the entire experience, and not plan to leave early or arrive late for the week or on a given day. For staff or others with limited time and availability, there will be some events during each week that will be possible to attend. Week I: Jan 18-25; Week II: Jan 25-Feb 1

Public Events
Several larger events will take place during and as part of the immersion, most notably the Cross-Cultural Collaboration & Listening Summit on January 26th and the Dynamic Governance Training, Jan 27-30. 

Participants will reside on the land, in tents, and structures, as possible.

Breaking bread together is a core component of community life. TOF will supply a basic menu, and participants are asked to supplement with personal preferences and extras. All will be invited to share in preparation, cleaning and care for food. We will make use of the upper kitchen.

Gift Economy
TOF is hosting this immersion in the spirit of the Gift Economy, and asks each participant to “offer what you can, and ask for what you need.” TOF is offering basic foods, accommodation, coordination and facilitation. Participants are invited to contribute through work, care, time, energy, attention, as well as their travel costs and financial gifts for food and other costs, including dana toward those holding the program. For those who can, a minimum gift of $500 per person, per week is suggested. Paying what you can will support others to participate. And, for those for whom it would make the difference, TOF would look to raise funds to help cover travel expenses and also to offer a small honorarium where possible. Through this mutual gifting, we intend to increase the flow of resources, and mutually honor the diversity of needs and offerings present in one circle. May we be generous with our needs and offers.

Make your financial contribution here.

Please contact Shay with any questions or if you would like to inquire about receiving an honorarium.