Listening to Nature: Sacred Chumash Sites in Ojai Valley with Julie Tumamait


Mon, 09/22/2014 - 10:00am to 4:00pm

Spend the day with Ojai Valley's Chumash matriarch and culture keeper, Julie Tumamait Stenslie.  Gather with a small group to explore the natural world, starting with an easy hike on a 1⁄4 mile trail North of the Wheelers’ Gorge Campground.  Learn How the Native Peoples (Chumash) lived in this serene and plentiful land.  Hear stories of Woodpecker, Bluejay, Coyote and Others.  Learn to look at plants and stones in a different way.

After lunch at Farmer & The Cook (not included in this fee), our adventure will take us to a unique property, the Selby House, a place of beauty just minutes away from Lake Casitas.  Here we'll explore the diversity of life, how these two sites follow the water and the People.  Learn through Chumash creation stories how the people came to be in such beautiful places.  

We'll conclude the day onsite at The Selby House by creating a sea kelp rattle that you'll have to take home and cherish.

Limited to 20 people.

All participants will meet at the sites, and be responsible for their own carpooling.  
The group will lunch at Farmer & The Cook (not included in this fee).