Spring Equinox Celebration!


Thu, 03/20/2014 - 7:00pm to Sat, 03/22/2014 - 10:00pm

We are delighted to be planning a weekend celebration of Spring with a focus on permaculture and sustainable living on Earth today!  Save the date now, and watch for final details soon. 

Thursday Evening, 6:45 pm
Equinox Fire Ceremony with Judy Piazza
followed by 
Ecstatic Dance with DJ Marcellino at 7:45 pm
Bring your drums, rattles and voices as we celebrate balance, harmony, and community around the fire, and then dance your prayers with DJ Marcellino from 7:45 pm til 9:30 pm!
Suggested Donation $10-$15.

Friday Evening, 7:30 pm
Permaculture Around the World

The unfolding journey that is bringing sustainability to the world’s doorstep
An Evening of Storytelling and Slides with Warren Brush
Suggested Donation $15-$25

Saturday Evening, 7:30 pm
Engaging Nature and Community to Protect and Heal our Cities
Andy Lipkis of Tree People
Suggested Donation $25-$35


Permaculture Around the World
The unfolding journey that is bringing sustainability to the world’s doorstep
An Evening of Stories and Slides with Warren Brush

From rural villages in Africa to the largest cities in the world, Permaculture is creating sustainable human settlements through the conscious application of pattern design. 

Join international permaculture teacher, mentor and storyteller, Warren Brush, for an inspiring evening of stories and images that will take you on a journey into his extensive peace-nurturing work through the the worldwide Permaculture movement that brings sustainable and equitable living to people and communities in America, Africa, Australia, the Middle East, and Europe. 

Warren will share a hopeful vision for our future that derives from his experiences and understandings gained from his lifelong work in sustainable settlement design, the mentoring of youth and adults, the learning from indigenous elders and cultures, working with child soldiers and distressed communities around Africa, and educating people around the world in how to live in a sustainable manner in a way that is both equitable, resilient and beautiful.

“Permaculture is a holistic design science that is reflective of natural patterns and promotes mutually beneficial relationships rooted in ethics and principles that guide us to live in a  sustainable and equitable manner.  The concepts and themes in Permaculture help us rediscover how to be a positive contributor to the earth, ourselves and humanity.”

Warren Brush is a Permaculture designer and teacher as well as a mentor and storyteller. He has worked for over 25 years in inspiring people of all ages to discover, nurture and express their inherent gifts while living in a sustainable manner.  He is co-founder of Quail Springs Permaculture, Regenerative Earth Farms, Sustainable Vocations, Wilderness Youth Project, and his Permaculture design company, True Nature Design.  He works extensively in Permaculture education and sustainable systems design in North America, Africa, Middle East, Europe, and Australia. He has devoted many years to mentoring youth and adults to inspire and equip them to live in a sustainable manner with integrity and a hopeful outlook.  His mentoring includes working with those who are former child soldiers, orphans, indigenous peoples, youth, young adults and families. He teaches courses including: Wilderness Mentoring, Permaculture Design Certification, Rainwater Harvesting Systems, Ferro-Cement Tank Building, Compost Toilet Systems, Water for Every Farm, Drought Proofing, Ecological Restoration, Cultural Mentoring, Introduction to Permaculture Systems, Food Forestry, and origins skills among other offerings. He can be reached through email at w@quailsprings.org or by calling his office at 805-886-7239.



Engaging Nature and Community to Protect and Heal our Cities

How will we rise to the challenge of healing a stressed ecosystem? 
Andy will tell stories of opportunities, energies and  successes in changing the system,  enabling people to adapt our homes, neighborhoods, communities and cities to be climate safe, resilient, regenerative, inspiring, and healthy.

Andy Lipkis founded TreePeople at age 18 in 1973, and serves as its President today. Since its founding nearly 40 years ago, TreePeople has inspired, mobilized and supported volunteers in planting and caring for more than two million trees in the Los Angeles region. The organization brings together people, trees, and forest-inspired ‘green infrastructure’ to protect cities against droughts and floods, prevent water and air pollution, and mitigate and adapt to climate change. TreePeople’s work in Los Angeles provides a model for environmental, economic, and social sustainability for cities everywhere.

Andy has been named an Ashoka Fellow in recognition of his social entrepreneurism in helping to solve some of the world’s most urgent problems. Currently, Andy is working with TreePeople and numerous partners on a ten-year plan to scale urban watershed management solutions. Together, they play a leading role in accelerating Los Angeles’ transformation to a climate-resilient, safe, healthy and sustainable city.

lick here for an article about Andy taking on LA's water system


DJ Marcelino is a regular favorite with SB Dance Tribe and Ecstatic Dance San Luis Obispo.  About his dance sessions he says: “I travel the globe - past, present, and future – divining in emotionally rich and spiritually expansive dance music that will invoke, uplift, and energize your body & spirit.  I play ‘international liberation dance music’ drawn from a very wide range of genres including African, Latin, Brazilian, Middle Eastern, Asian, Indian, Balkan, Electro, Classical, & New-Age.  I incorporate it all to transport dancers to many beautiful places.  Funky, shamanic, devotional, deep, upbeat, and at times intense, I take you on an epic-beats journey to return to your essential ecstatic self.  Arrive on time as the opening pieces set the tone for the waves to come with music for solo-inward, partnering, and group dances.  I am honored to be your humble conductor offering you the opportunity to dance your sweaty prayers with me!  Copies of some of my latest DJ sessions will also be available for a suggested donation.