Water & Walking ... An International Peace Day & Equinox Gathering


Sunday, September 20, 2015
Sun, 09/20/2015 - 1:00pm to 6:00pm

In celebration of International Peace Day, Equinox, and in support of our sister gathering Walking Water in the Owens Valley, we invite you to join us for


SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

1-3:00  Let’s talk about OUR Water: A panel discussion about water problems and solutions.
With Renee Roth, Laura Maher, Connor Jones and Leif Skogberg
OUR water is a precious resource. Let's come together and share  ways to adapt, to live with less water or reuse and capture more water.  Join us for a discussion about the impact of the drought on our land, the demands on our water supply and ways we can support our local water resources.  Together we can find and share ways to honor OuR most precious natural resource. 

3:00 Harmony with Water Ritual, guided by Judy Piazza.  An interactive, experiential honoring of water through song, ritual, mantra, and more.  Reflect on what it means to be in right relationship, in harmony and balance, with this precious life-giving elemental.  Bring water from various locations (local and global), a small bowl or cup to hold a small amount of water, wear or bring something flowing, bring flower petals and finger foods such as fruit, or just bring your self!  

4:00 Living Peace Walk (in collaboration with Living Peace Ojai) ... A simple, easy walking vigil for peace, appropriate for families and elders able to walk (or sit and reflect while others walk, and be present to welcome them back!).  Watch for details.


Offered freely.  Donations appreciated.

Renee Roth is an environmental "actionist “ with a passion for water: saving it, storing it, reusing it and letting it flow into our landscapes.  She represents the Ojai Valley Green Coalition on the Ventura River Watershed Council, has a Permaculture Designs Certificate, Environmental Horticulture Certificate from SBCC and leads classes on water conserving landscapes, grey water installations and rain water capture.

Laura Maher is a citizen scientist and a community advocate. She provides residential gardening services with a focus on natural soil building, seed saving, and water harvesting solutions. Over the years she has volunteered with many organizations such as Surfrider's Ocean Friendly Gardens Committee, Channel Islands Restoration, US Fish and Wildlife Schoolyard Habitat Program, Ventura Water, City of Thousand Oaks, Greywater Action, and more. Throughout her work, Laura celebrates learning and sharing information about how we can all work in harmony to support nature's abundance. 

Leif H. Skogberg, Ojai Foundation Land Steward and Sustainability Director, has been involved in integrated water design for over 14 years. He has degrees in Environmental Horticulture Science focusing on Sustainable Landscape Management and Ecological Restoration. He has been mentored and taught by friend and colleague, Art Ludwig, a world renowned water expert based out of Santa Barbara. Leif has designed, built, taught and constructed several rainwater harvesting and graywater reuse systems, as well as zero water use technologies, like composting toilets.