Women's Wisdom Monthly Council


Sun, 07/23/2017 - 4:00pm to 6:00pm

An opportunity for the women of Ojai to practice the way of council. This initiative is born from many women in the TOF community. Hosted in the Council House.

Council is a modern practice ever emerging from many ancient forms of coming together and communicating in a circle. This practice of deep listening to all of life fosters an atmosphere of respect for one's self and for others and promotes empathy, dissolving barriers to cooperation, understanding, and community. It reminds us that we are quite alike as well as uniquely different and more capable of finding common ground than we may have thought.

It is time for our united hearts to grieve, dream, and create with the support and inspiration of other women. Children, babies, youngers, middlers, elders, and anyone in between are welcome! All who identify as a woman and feel aligned to the mission of TOF are invited to join us in this gathering of hearts and minds. 

This council is donation based and RSVP's are greatly appreciated. Please email or call Michele at 805-646-8343, ext. 123 to let us know if you plan on coming.