Work Retreat 2015: Restoring Wholeness with Permaculture, Natural Building, and the Way of Council


Mon, 07/20/2015 - 9:00am to Fri, 07/31/2015 - 4:00pm

with Leif Skogberg and Brooke Kettering, alongside local guest teachers including The Ojai Foundation Elder, Lola Rae Long

Rejuvenate and restore in the wonder and mystique of the beautiful Upper Ojai Valley at The Ojai Foundation Land Sanctuary during a special 12 days of Land rest and repair!

Discover new aspects of yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone into the mirror of community living, practicing ancient circle dialogue, the Way of Council, and the Beauty Way, as well as fun and meditative, mindful service tasks and physical labor projects.

Touch the beauty and inspiration of simple off-grid living while immersed in a semi-wilderness camp retreat setting and align with the rhythms of nature.

Engage in wholesome work and awaken the inherent wisdom of the body, mind, spirit and soul with the assistance and support of a powerful transformational center held in stewardship by experienced facilitators, elders and guides. 

Participants will learn practical ways to apply the ethics and principles of Permaculture Design into life and work. Explore the basics of ancient natural building techniques like cob, cordwood and earth plaster, and others, as well as various edible and environmental landscaping and organic gardening practices. 

Course content will focus on hand-on learning by doing in the areas of natural building materials selection and construction techniques. Also included will be drought proofing landscaping with graywater, rainwater harvesting earthworks, appropriate plant design, water efficiency, deep watering and how 
to build soil by increasing organic matter with plants, manures and composts.

Topics and activities included: 
Daily group garden and building project work 
Applied Permaculture and ecological design
Integral sustainability and holistic stewardship
History & Wheel of Life teachings with our beloved elder, Lola
Beauty Way, community ceremonies, and Living Council
Morning meditation practices, including yoga & tai chi
Regular team attunements and personal check-ins
Potlucks, hikes and social evening gatherings

Guests stay in personal tents, or onsite yurts and domes, and provide their own food and bedding.

Fee is $295 for 12 days' tenting accommodation & all activities

For yurt/dome accommodation, call to reserve. Cost of retreat with a dome/yurt hermitage will be $495.