TOF Named "One of Ojai's Best Wellness Spots"

Thu, 05/19/2016
Travel + Leisure magazine features The Ojai Foundation in their most recent article.

In this write-up on Ojai, "a destination for peace-loving spirituality seekers since the 1920s," T+L caters to those wanting an escape from the "big, sprawling metropolis" in order to find a "slower and more gentle pace." The article details the various boutiques, shops, and markets that Ojai has to offer, listing The Ojai Foundation as a place to relax, a 41-year-old spiritual retreat that is "all about disconnecting." By which they meant disconnecting from technology and urban stressors in order to reconnect with self, others, and nature.

Along with the article is a short video of some of Ojai's best wellness spots, including our very own Land Sanctuary. Check it out!