Our Programs

The mission of The Ojai Foundation is to foster practices that awaken connection with self, others and the natural world. Council, the practice of listening and speaking from the heart, is our core offering.

For over thirty years, The Ojai Foundation has served as a living experiment for sustainable practices and an incubator for personal and collective transformation.  Our 40-acre educational Land Sanctuary in Ojai continues to inspire, transform and nurture the over 3,500 individuals and dozens of groups that visit us each year. Our rich history of teachers, stewards, and outreach programs inspire and inform the work we do today:

Rites of Passage: Acknowledging Thresholds of Transformation

The Ojai Foundation offers 1-5 day retreats to bring meaning to individual and collective life transitions. By combining council practice and nature-based activities, our Rites of Passage/Threshold programs challenge participants to safely explore and move beyond their perceived limitations and into new possibilities of leadership, spirituality, and planetary citizenship.

Our program team includes trained facilitators, marriage and family therapists, council trainers, business leaders, and wilderness guides, who draw upon a variety of professional and life experiences.  Many of our facilitators have been with The Ojai Foundation for over a decade, and some as much as 20 years.

Together, we will help you create the perfect experience for your group, incorporating activities such as our ropes course, sweat lodge, time alone in nature, and/or wheel of life teachings. Learn more.

Regenerative Living and Sustainable Design

The RLSD Program teaches, through workshops and projects that utilize The Ojai Foundation land, how to live more lightly upon the earth, in resilient and sustainable communities.

This program is led by our sustainability and stewardship team, along with expert guest teachers who join us from around the world. Through this program, we are upgrading our site, building staff/community skills, and sharing cutting-edge & ancient practices of sustainability with others. Check our events calendar for upcoming opportunities to learn with us.

Corporate Retreats: Tending the Organizational Soul

The Ojai Foundation offers 2-3 day retreats for organizations looking for ways to engage with the core values of their organization, to deepen collaborative potential, and to create the conditions for increased creativity and employee engagement. Learn more.

Immersions: Building community, skill, ecological thinking

The immersion programs are an opportunity to experience living in community at The Ojai Foundation Land Sanctuary and learn the practices shared here for nearly four decades.  These programs offer an experience of community, ample time to be on the land, and extensive skill-building opportunities, from Permaculture to the Way of Council.  Immersion opportunities may be either independent (Work Exchange) or follow a focused schedule (Work Retreat). Check our events calendar for upcoming opportunities.

Restoring Wholeness: Social Justice & Conflict Exploration at TOF

The Ojai Foundation has been a catalyst for social change and an incubator for progressive leadership since its beginnings.  We continue to active positive change around the world through, interfaith and cross-cultural wisdom teacher gatherings, hosted council trainings, conflict exploration workshops, and support for aligned organizations & projects. Check our events calendar for upcoming opportunities.

Learn more about the Circle Ways project here.