Our Partners

Those who have come before us at The Ojai Foundation worked very hard to clear the land by pulling weeds and fertilizing the ground. Since then we have planted new seeds, fostering growth both in our flora and in our relationships. We've tended to these seedlings with great love and care in order to allow our community to grow into the pillars for compassion and understanding that they are today.

Our partner organizations encourage and spread the tools necessary for individuals to connect more deeply with themselves, others, and nature. In recent years, within our separate organizations, we have been thriving but remained disconneced as a whole. With clear intentions and solid foundations, now is the time for us to branch out in order to develop solid partnerships. Through this network we will form a canopy of humanity and strength in order to move forward together with collective and united wisdom.

Here is a list of our current partners:

Animas Valley Institute

Besant Hill School

Celebrate Long Life

Center for Council

Circle Ways

Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences

Doug Ellis Photography

The Esalen Institute

The European Council Network

Happy Valley Foundation

Heartwood Institute

Joseph Campbell Foundation

New Roads School

Ojai Village Academy

Passage Works