Prepare for Your Stay


TOF Adult Packing & Orientation 2017.pdf


Click here to download a packing list and arrival information

The Ojai Foundation keeps a vegetarian kitchen. You are welcome to store snacks in a plastic bin stored in the kitchen area, and perishables in our refrigerators. Please leave the kitchen (and all spaces) cleaner than you found them, and make sure that food scraps are placed in our composting receptacle and that recyclables are in the correct place. Please do not store any food in your dwelling space. Other kitchen guidelines will be supplied for you and your group as appropriate. Thank you.

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Be prepared for variable weather. It can be cold in the evenings. We suggest you bring a sweater, jacket or blanket for the evening. For programs scheduled between November and April, bring rain boots, pants and jacket. Many times the earth itself and the weather are as much our teachers as the faculty!

General Packing List (specific programs may have their own packing guidelines)

  • Bedding (warm sleeping bag or sheets/blankets and a pillow)

  • Sleeping Pad (unless you are in a space that provides futon)

  • Towels and personal toiletries

  • A flashlight with extra batteries (We have solar power, and lighting is limited after dark). Do not bring candles or lanterns.

  • Most dwellings do not have electrical outlets, only solar-powered ceiling lights.  There is no provision for plugging in hair dryers, cell phone chargers or computers inside of hermitage spaces.  Cell phones and computers may be charged in front of the main gateway office, where there is also limited wireless internet service in an outdoor covered area.

  • A water bottle or two.  We have filtered water on the Land for refills.

  • A covered mug or container for hot drinks.

  • Comfortable, sturdy foot wear and comfortable clothing (we sit primarily on backjacks or cushions on the floor … chairs are available as well).

  • Sunscreen and insect repellant (natural ingredients) during summer months

We ask guests to arrive before 5pm. Please notify us of your arrival time in advance at 805-646-8343 ext. 123 so that someone will be available to greet you. 

We share our access road with many many wild creatures as well as the students and staff of the neighboring Besant Hill School. For the safety of all,  it is imperative that you maintain a 10 MPH speed limit at all times when entering and leaving The Ojai Foundation.

For the safety or your companion animal and of our wild residents, we do not allow pets at the Land Sanctuary.  Service animals are excepted.  Please inform us of your companion at booking and arrival.  Your animal must wear the appropriate service vest.

Please do not hesitate to call if you have further questions! 805-646-8343